YouTube, possible to watch movies for free with advertising

Google has included 100 free titles in the Movies section of the YouTube platform, here's how we will be able to see them soon without spending a euro and without subscribing

The process of change of YouTube is in constant implementation. After the birth of the versions designed only for music, Spotify-style, Google would like to let people watch movies for free on YouTube. Obviously, Big G hasn't turned into a benefactor: the selection of free movies will be interspersed with advertising, as if it were a normal TV channel.

YouTube for now has added a hundred free titles to watch within its Movies section, where we could already find many paid TV series and feature films. Without subscriptions and without paying a single euro we can watch some movies on YouTube for free, watching an advertisement from time to time. In short, nothing more and nothing less than what already happens with the classic movies on Google's video platform. This is a first step chosen by YouTube to get closer to services of movies and TV shows on demand that at the moment are going for the most, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

How to watch a movie for free on YouTube

From the Movies section within YouTube for some time now you can buy the vision of a TV show, a cartoon or a movie without advertising. Within the section, however, YouTube has also included about 100 movies to watch without spending a euro if you watch ads. Basically the same experience we have when we watch a title on generalist TV. It must be said that at the moment this free section for movies is present only in the United States but soon Google will release it also for Italian YouTube users.

The choice to make some movies free has for YouTube a double meaning. On one hand, Google is able to test its Movies function, hoping one day to turn a part of YouTube into a channel specifically dedicated to the on-demand playback of TV series and movies. In this way Google would counter Amazon and Netflix and take a step similar to the one done with YouTube Music. On the other hand, publishing free titles with advertisements gives Google a new tool to earn from advertisers and companies with YouTube.