6 totally useless, but fun websites

Want to know if today is Christmas? Then visit IsItChristmas.com. Want to express all your anger with a scream? Nooooooooooooooo.com is the perfect site

Most of the websites we visit throughout the day are useful to us in some way. For entertainment, to stay informed or for work. Despite the fact that every portal is born to create a service to the user there are several very famous sites on the Net but completely useless.

The truth is that these sites in appearance, and also in substance, quite futile can fall into the category "Entertainment". The Internet must also have an unserious part to allow people to have fun and forget, at least for a moment, the stress of everyday life. And this is the key to success for some portals that we can define "useless". These sites use a nonsense comedy to entertain the user and entice him to talk to friends of the site, so that it becomes viral. Here, then, is a list of completely futile but popular sites on the web.


Do you want to see a very small crouton and little to no animation?  Because that's the only thing you'll find on Crouton.net. Yet incredibly the platform is highly visited and has been online for more than 15 years.


Is that my computer I'm using? If by chance we get the doubt we can always connect to IsMyComputerOn.com. Small spoiler: the portal just says yes.


This site cannot be considered useless. It helps users express all their stress after a busy day. Yes because once we access Noooooooooooooooo.com we will find a big blue button and if we press it we will make a long no said by Darth Vader, the famous Star Wars character, echo in the air. The site advises to: "press it only in case of terrible situations".


You know those YouTube videos that last 10 minutes repeating the same phrase from a movie or cartoon over and over again? Zombo.com works in much the same way. Once you log in you'll find colored lights and lettering with repetitive music and a looped phrase that says, "Welcome to Zombo".


Sick of the holiday season? Then IsItChristmas.com is for you. If for some reason you don't have a calendar, in fact, you can always check this website. It tells you if today is or isn't Christmas.


Want to challenge the world's longest webpage? Perfect then log on to onemilescroll.com and start "scrolling" with your mouse. Fortunately, there are bookmarks that allow us to save our long descent to the end of the site to resume the "work" at different times.