Apple Watch 4, rumor, features, price, Italy release date

The presentation scheduled for September 2018. Among the novelties there could be a real application for monitoring health and physical activity

The smartwatch market has not meshed as companies would have liked. Smartwatches have had to face problems both at software and hardware level. Only with the latest updates and models does it seem that things are improving. All these problems, however, the Apple Watch does not have them.

The smartwatch from Apple, despite a market that is struggling to grow, remains the best-selling smartwatch. A device that has now become a true style icon with its square screen (the only one of its kind) and the side bezel. The third version of the Cupertino s smartwatch was launched in September 2017, with the novelty of the LTE version (which did not arrive in Italy), and it is already time to talk about how the Apple Watch 4 will be. It is still early to understand how Apple will want to change its smartwatch, but some rumors released in recent months allow us to understand the direction taken by the Cupertino company.

Apple Watch 4, design changes

One of the rumors that has been circulating for a while now talks about the possibility of Apple completely overhauling the design of the Apple Watch 4. The Cupertino company has already filed a patent with a smartwatch with a round display, a feature present in all other wearables. Will Apple also follow the trend? Hard to give an answer, but it is likely that someone inside Apple is thinking about doing so. Although such a sudden change seems to be unlikely. Much more likely that the Cupertino company is working on reducing bezels to increase screen size. According to a report published by KGI, a company always very informed about  Apple's world, the next smartwatch from Cupertino will have a screen 15% larger than the current one. All without increasing the size of the wearable.

The features of the Apple Watch 4

The Apple Watch has never surprised with its performance. It is a device that performs well, thanks mainly to the optimization between the software and hardware parts. For the Apple Watch 4 the Cupertino company is also working under the performance point of view, to make the smartwatch faster and more responsive. Especially when launching heavy applications such as those for monitoring physical activity. In addition to a new processor, the Apple Watch 4 could also have memory with more storage space.

Sleep Monitoring

On the Apple Watch 4 will debut a feature that Apple never wanted to introduce on the other models: sleep monitoring. After the Cupertino-based company acquired Beddit, many thought the feature would be on the Apple Watch 3, but that wasn't the case. Apple's smartwatch is a formidable fitness tracker and sleep monitoring would make it perfect. Apple had so far given as an explanation that sleep monitoring hurt the device's battery life, but the Apple Watch 3 would seem to have solved these problems.

The Apple Watch 4 will monitor people's health

More sensors, more features. That's the Cupertino company's goal. Minimize the empty spaces inside the Apple Watch 4 shell to integrate more functionality. Linked mainly to health monitoring. According to some rumors, the Apple Watch 4 will integrate a feature to monitor the heartbeat and a real electrocardiogram. This would be a first in the panorama of smart devices. In addition, the Cupertino company is conducting studies with Stanford University to develop new systems to monitor the health of users 

When the Apple Watch 4

The presentation of the Apple Watch in September along with the new iPhones has now become a fixture. And that will be the case in 2018 as well. The Apple Watch 4 will debut in mid-September and will hit the market by mid-October.