Vodafone, remodulations for fixed network offers: 3 euros more

A new increase for Vodafone customers was in the air. After the increase for fixed-line customers announced at the beginning of September, rumors had spread that before the end of the month other bad news would arrive. The news, however, turned out to be half true. There have been new price increases, but as of … Read more

Meta: Zuckerberg calls Khaby Lame to explain the new Facebook

Zuckerberg chooses Khaby Lame for the launch of Meta, the new Facebook: jumping from one world to another of the Metaverse is “as simple as clicking a link” In the commercial chosen by Mark Zuckerberg for the launch of Meta there could not be a more famous face: to explain to the public “the social … Read more

MegaCortex, the virus that blackmails you with the words of the Matrix

New wave of ransomware infections hits European, Asian and US companies. It is MegaCortex and it is inspired by the Matrix Among the many types of viruses circulating on the Internet there is a whole category, the so-called ransomware, specialized in trying to blackmail unsuspecting users by threatening them with dire consequences if they do … Read more

Instagram, goodbye to Direct. What happens with private messages

The messaging app never took off, so Instagram decided to delete it from online stores. Here’s what’s going to happen in a month Maybe not everyone remembers, but originally Facebook and Messenger were merged into one app, just like what happens in the current web version. Private messages were handled through the social network. Now … Read more