Supersonic, the Google app for messaging with voice notes and emoji

Supersonic, created by startup incubator Google Area 120, is based on voice messages and emoji. For many it will be the Snapchat of instant messenger. The future of instant messaging apps will favor voice notes and emoticons over written text. And thanks to Google the future will be closer than we think. In its internal startup lab, Area … Read more

How to restore apps and settings on Android

Restoring apps, data and settings on Android is pretty simple. In fact, if you have set up backups, the operating system will take care of them One of the biggest fears when buying a new smartphone is about the photos, documents and apps that are on the old device. You’re always afraid that you won’t … Read more

Samsung, flexible smartphone official: here’s what it looks like

It’s not the Galaxy X that some were expecting, but a prototype made to showcase the Infinity Flex Display, the foldable screen that Samsung will launch soon It’s been talked about for months and now it seems to be on its way: the first flexible Samsung smartphone that folds like a notebook (codenamed “Winner”) was … Read more