Supersonic, the Google app for messaging with voice notes and emoji

Supersonic, created by startup incubator Google Area 120, is based on voice messages and emoji. For many it will be the Snapchat of instant messenger.

The future of instant messaging apps will favor voice notes and emoticons over written text. And thanks to Google the future will be closer than we think. In its internal startup lab, Area 120, has created Supersonic, an instant messenger app based on emoji and voice messages.

Are you wondering how it works? Very simple, just press and hold the voice recording button to see our messages sent by the app quickly. And in this way, that is, with simple voice input, we can also generate lots of cute emoji. There is also an interesting aspect reminiscent of the "old" Snapchat. Once you read the message generated as if it were an audio note this will disappear. And there will also be a section dedicated to chat with users who do not know each other. Not surprisingly, the developers have thought as an initial target to younger users.

Will it be a success?

Supersonic has been launched on all devices, including iOS, but it will be limited in some countries. For example, it will not be able to be downloaded in India. The opinion of experts is discordant someone considers this new Google app as a potential flop. While for others it is an app that can make a difference in style. Those in favor of Supersonic point in particular to the so-called "millenials" as a target audience. At the moment Supersonic can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android.

Google Area 120

Google's startup incubator is living a flourishing moment. It recently released Uptime, an iOS app for watching and sharing videos with other users that has been quite successful. Area 120 also recently unveiled Tailor, also an iOS app that lets us interact with professional stylists to figure out what to wear based on our wardrobe.