WhatsApp problems today, why it doesn’t let you send voice notes

WhatsApp doesn't allow you to send voice notes since 17:30 on March 13, 2019: here's what's happening

If you're trying to send voice notes on WhatsApp but the message isn't being sent, it's not a problem with your smartphone, but with the app. As of 17:30 on March 13, 2019, WhatsApp does not allow you to send voice notes via the app. The same problem does not occur for text messages or images that are delivered to the recipients.

In the same hours were down also Instagram, Facebook and Messenger, all applications that belong to the giant of Menlo Park. On the causes of the malfunction of all Facebook services (for about 12 hours were down even Oculus VR and Facebook Workplace) is still the strictest confidentiality. In these hours have been put forward several hypotheses, but to know exactly why WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were down we must wait for an official note of the company of Mark Zuckerberg.

Why WhatsApp does not send voice notes

The voice notes are one of the features most used by users on WhatsApp and in these minutes there are many people who are looking for a solution online. Unfortunately, there is no solution, the problem is due to WhatsApp servers that are temporarily down and do not allow you to send voice notes.

On downdetector.it, a site that collects reports from users, there are many messages of protest. Everyone is looking for an explanation to the fact that they can not send audio notes on WhatsApp.

To stay in touch with their friends, the only alternative is to send text messages or multimedia content (images and videos).

The disruption should be resolved in the next few hours, as WhatsApp technicians are already at work.

Update 8:00 pm. The down of WhatsApp seems to become much bigger and worrying. The application in addition to not sending voice notes does not even allow you to send images. We'll keep you updated in the coming hours.

Update 10pm. The problems continue for WhatsApp. Users of the messaging platform are still unable to send multimedia files to their contacts, making the chat experience "monkish".

UPDATE 4:00 a.m. March 14. After more than 10 hours of downtime, WhatsApp seems to have resumed working properly. At the moment, the company has not yet disclosed the reasons for the malfunction.