Felik, the laser pointer to let your dog and cat play

Felik is a smart laser pointer put up for sale on Kickstarter that keeps pets company when the owner is away

Pets need constant care. There's no point in welcoming a dog or cat into your home when you don't have time for them to play and spend time with them. Often the fault is also due to work that does not allow you to have hobbies or relax during the day.

Technology in these cases can be a valuable help. Many companies have created devices that allow you to monitor the health status of the pet even remotely: hi-tech collars that send data to the smartphone and in case there is something abnormal, report the situation to the owner. A U.S. company, however, has decided to go further and produce Felik, a smart laser pointer that takes care of animals and entertains them when the owner has to leave for work. A device that may seem bizarre, but that actually proves to be very useful.

How Felik works

Felik is a simple laser pointer, but that uses artificial intelligence to entertain pets. The device was launched on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, and is seeking funding to get production and shipments started around the world. Felik is designed for all the people who love their pets but due to work don't have time to take care of them and keep them entertained. Animals, like humans, suffer if they live alone and feel abandoned and can become depressed: thanks to Felik they will always have someone ready to take care of them. The operation of Felik is very simple: the device is an intelligent laser pointer that reproduces figures inside the room where it is placed. The device, however, compared to traditional laser pointers, uses artificial intelligence to prevent animals from bumping into furniture and the walls of the house. Felik continuously stimulates the pet (cat or dog is indifferent) and helps them to keep active.

Through the application available for smartphones and tablets, the owner can also decide which figures to show to their pets and change some settings of the algorithm that controls the artificial intelligence.

Price Felik

Felik is currently available on Kickstarter at a price just under 100 euros. Shipping is expected to begin in November.