The cat of the future is open source

An open source project of a robotic companion cat that can perform several actions has been launched on the Indiegogo platform, this is how Nybble is made

If your dream has always been to own a robotic kitty at home, then new technologies are coming your way. On the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has just presented Open Cat, the project of a cute kitten created with a laser printer and powered by artificial intelligence.

Open Cat is an open source project that anyone can improve and implement in the future. At the moment the robot cat walks, runs, learns some simple actions from its human owner and can also connect to a Raspberry Pi. The cat can also be guided remotely with very basic voice commands such as turn right, turn left, sit or roll. The kitten has been named Nybble and to tell the truth with all its mechanical parts and wheeled paws is not exactly cute but its movements are incredibly similar to those of a classic indoor kitty.

Nybble your robotic indoor cat

Nybble on Indiegogo costs about $200 and those who invest in the project will receive the cat at home by early April 2019. If we are "geeks" or if we have excellent computer skills we will be able to insert many functions to the cat. As mentioned in fact the Open Cat project is open source and each user will be able to do what they want of their Nybble. Always respecting the toy-animal, except to meet the protests of an association for the rights of robotic cats, which still does not exist but given the development of these animals smart company is not to be excluded that soon will be created. Joking aside Nybble will be one of the very first robots with basic actions but that in the future we will see more and more often in our homes to keep us company. And don't let its small size and capabilities fool you, Nybble still has two proximity sensors instead of eyes, LED lights for night vision and support for an Arduino remote controller on its back.