WWDC 2020, what will be presented: from the farewell to iOS to the new Macs

Everything is ready for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2020: the new iPhoneOS operating system and MacBooks with ARM processors could be presented Today starts the WWDC 2020, the event that every year Apple organizes for developers and where they are presented the new software (and in some cases also hardware) of the Cupertino company. The … Read more

Streaming pirated soccer and movies, the Guardia di Finanza closes 152 sites

Maxi seizure ordered by the magistracy of Rome: the pirate sites allowed the illegal viewing of soccer matches, movies and TV series. Hit rojadirecta.eu. The fight of the Guardia di Finanza against online piracy continues: this time 152 Italian sites that allowed the illegal streaming of soccer matches, basketball, tennis, movies and TV series have … Read more

How to improve foldable displays according to LG

LG announces Real Folding Windows, a cover for foldable displays that overcomes the limits of the ultra-thin glass used by Samsung: how it works and when it arrives LG exited the smartphone world through the front door but re-entered through the back door. The Korean company announced at the beginning of April the divestiture of … Read more

How and why to disable the auto-completion of browsers

Saving your credentials inside your browser is dangerous: hackers could use them to get inside your accounts Privacy is the most important aspect to defend while surfing online. Most of our information is now on the Net: from personal data to credit cards. To start protecting our security, the first step is to change some … Read more

Felik, the laser pointer to let your dog and cat play

Felik is a smart laser pointer put up for sale on Kickstarter that keeps pets company when the owner is away Pets need constant care. There’s no point in welcoming a dog or cat into your home when you don’t have time for them to play and spend time with them. Often the fault is … Read more