Guide to choosing an inkjet or laser multifunction printer

Having a printer in the home or office is always very useful, but how to choose between inkjet and laser multifunction? Find out with our advice.

The printer is an essential accessory for those who work or study often using the computer. Precisely for this reason, in recent years the market for printers has become increasingly large and varied, providing useful models to meet the most diverse needs.

Modern printers can therefore be divided into different types - home or office, for example - and, above all, differ in the technology they use for printing. Faced with such a rich offer, it is therefore natural to ask oneself in the purchase phase whether it is better to opt for an Injection Printer or a Laser Printer, that is to say the two most popular ones. In this guide we'll understand the differences between this type of device, and which is the most suitable solution to adapt to our needs.

Injekt or laser printer: the differences

Is an injekt or laser printer better? Let's cut to the chase: there is no type of printer that in an absolute sense can be said to be better than the other. Before we get into the details, we can say that inkjet printers - or injekt printers, to be precise - are best suited for medium-intensity use and for printing single textual documents and illustrations, and have excellent color resolution.

They use water-based ink sprayed onto the paper via small nozzles placed on the carriage, and are the most common printers to be found in small offices and homes. This is because of their size and low cost. Laser printers, on the other hand, are not equipped with ink but toner, and are designed to print a large number of pages quickly. Each of the two printing technologies, however, has its own unique strengths, which we will now look at individually.

Purchase Price

When buying a new printer, the first aspect that jumps out at you is definitely the price. Generally, injekt printers are less expensive than those with laser technology, which are more engineered and complex to make. However, laser printers are designed for larger print volumes and more basic document types, so in the long run, they can save a lot of money.

Print quality

Moving on to print quality, inkjet models provide better color management, even for photos and high-definition images. This is thanks to the use of dye and pigment-based inks, which are capable of rendering even the smallest of shades. Laser printers are better for dense text documents, especially if we need to print large volumes, but they are not sufficiently accurate in the photographic rendering.

Copy cost

Not to be underestimated in the choice between laser or injekt printer is also the cost of copying, associated with that of cartridges and toner. In this case, laser printers offer cheaper prints per page, but the toner has a higher purchase cost than the individual cartridges, although it is much easier to use, store and eventually ship.

Injekt or laser printer: which one to choose?

At this point, you'll have understood that the choice between an injekt or laser printer is related to the use we intend to make of it. The first type is more suitable for those who print occasionally, or for those who want to print photos and images at home. On the other hand, the laser is optimal for printing many pages of documents, perhaps dense with text.

The general advice, however, remains in any case to address to a multifunction injekt printer and a multifunction laser printer, opting for the best on the market. Multifunction printers all include a scanner and in some cases a fax machine, and very often support photo printing.