Here is Findster Duo: the smart collar for your dog. Photo

Leather and equipped with GPS, with this pet tracker will be impossible to lose your pet, there are no monthly fees but rewards based on activities

Say goodbye to couch pets. And no, we're not talking about TV series fans or die-hard soccer fans. The perfect gift for those who have a dog in the apartment for next Christmas could be Findster Duo. It is a fitness tracker for our four-legged friends.

How Findster Duo Works. It is a leather collar equipped with GPS that makes walking with your dog easier. There are several functions. The most useful one is definitely the one that allows you to see, thanks to the smartphone app, your dog's position at any time. Losing him in a park becomes impossible. You can then choose whether to give a limit to his raids by drawing a circle on the map and indicating the area within which he can have fun and the danger zones where he should not go. If the dog goes beyond that circle, the app alerts us and we can call the animal back. The app can be used for both iOS and Android.

Fitness tracker for dogs

There is also a virtual leash function. This is a maximum distance that we set if we walk with our dog without a leash. A limit quite close to us that moves as we and the dog move. Back home you can analyze the route you have taken. Check the kilometers and the areas where the dog has passed. In this way we can also understand what are the favorite areas of our dog in a park where we go often. In addition, the app monitors the condition of the animal. It can alert us that our four-legged friend needs a little more exercise, or on the contrary that he should rest.

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Challenges with Findster Duo

There is also a function dedicated to some games and small challenges. If we share the data of our pet, in fact, we could find out if it is faster than that of our friend. In addition, if you have more than one animal, you can see their performance and compare it, since Findster Duo can monitor up to five dogs. But that's not all. The app checks the steps taken by our pet and also offers prizes. If we manage to keep our pet healthy and fit, the app will give us coupons that we can use for dog products or for our four-legged friend's favorite food.

Findster Duo works everywhere and without a connection

Findster Duo does not require a connection to perform its activities. Plus there are no geographical barriers, you can use it anytime, anywhere, without restrictions. Plus unlike other smart dog collars this one has no monthly fee. On Indiegogo the smart collar is sold in different price ranges based on models. The package with a single pet tracker comes in at $99. And so it goes up to the $890 needed for the pack with 10 Findster Duo.

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