Sunrise Smart Pillow, the smart pillow that replaces the alarm clock

Made by an American startup, the smart pillow simulates sunlight and makes waking up as natural as possible. On the market in October

There is no thing more annoying than the alarm clock. Many companies know something about this and, in an attempt to make waking up less traumatic, they have begun to develop hi-tech systems that are less noisy and, above all, able to make us open our eyes in a natural way.

Among these products is the Sunrise Smart Pillow, a particular type of pillow that simulates the sunrise. Created by Mode Modern, a Californian startup, the device is equipped with some LED lights that illuminate at a precise time. The pillow, in fact, can be programmed using your smartphone. And not only that. The device, a real concentration of sensors, tracks and measures the quality of sleep. But the surprises are not finished. Sunrise Smart Pillow can also reproduce, in addition to light, also sounds. All to make waking up even more pleasant.

How it works Sunrise Smart Pillow

Sunrise Smart Pillow, therefore, offers a viable alternative to traditional alarm clocks. The LED lights, arranged in two rows on either side of the pillow, gradually illuminate, simulating natural light. And they do it in an intelligent way. The sensors, in fact, are able to adapt the intensity of light according to the depth of sleep. The pillow can be used not only to wake up, but also to fall asleep. Thanks to the built-in speakers, you can play music or natural sounds. And for lovers of white noise, the Sunrise Smart Pillow can also play the sound of a fan or air conditioner. Alternatively, you can always use the audiobook and fall asleep with a nice bedtime story.

Technical Features

Looking at the technical features of Sunrise Smart Pillow, in addition to the LED lights and directional speakers, the pillow integrates the gyroscope and accelerometer, which are used to sense the movement. An important role is played by the microphone, which is responsible for recording the breath, useful for determining the quality of sleep and the presence of possible sources of disturbance. Then there is the Bluetooth, which allows you to connect the pillow to your smartphone. In addition, the device is also water resistant.

Price and release date

To finance the project, Mode Modern has launched a campaign on Kickstarter, one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms. Starting price: $299 (just over €273 at current exchange rates). First deliveries will start in October.