Problems for Gmail users: bug does not allow to send emails

The error was also reported by several users on Twitter. At the time of sending the email a screen appears that prevents the successful completion of the operation

A new bug has been reported by users of Google's email service Gmail. Basically, the app prevents you from sending new emails because access to Body Sensors has not been set. Not a small problem especially for those who use the account for work. It is hoped that Google will find a solution quickly.

In the last few days, several users have reported bugs in the Gmail service, some of them with explicit complaints to Google on Twitter. In practice, after trying to send an email, an error message appears that does not allow you to send it until you give Google Play Services access to the Body Sensors. Here we need to make a moment of clarity. Google Play Services is a basic Android app that provides synchronization and access to various Google app accounts. Google Play Services uses body sensor permission in apps such as Google Fit, and in those where it takes into account steps and fitness activities performed.

When will Google fix it?

The bug lies in the fact that Gmail doesn't use Body Sensors and so the request and error when sending emails have no explanation to exist. In fact, this message had appeared back in 2015 and then disappeared. Now, however, the bug seems to be back and is complicating conversations on several accounts. Even pressing the "Cancel" button on the error message does not fix the problem. And the next time the email is sent, the same pop-up will always appear, preventing the successful completion of the operation. Thankfully, Google has stated that it is aware of the bug and has informed users that it is working to fix any issues. Until these measures will not be official, however, we can manually disable permissions for individual applications. To do this go to Settings, then Applications and finally Permissions.