Gmail: now you can schedule delayed sending of messages

How do you schedule email sending on Gmail? The new feature is very easy to manage and requires no manual action. Here's how it works

Gmail is updating with a new feature: you can now schedule emails to be sent. When a user needs to send a new email message, they can decide to postpone the sending up to a maximum of 50 years. A very useful feature that will change the use of the instant messaging application.

After several requests from users, the mail service has decided to introduce a new and important feature: in fact, now you can schedule the sending of messages. By setting a time and date, the system will automatically send the email without the user having to be physically present in front of the device. This new option is already available and is particularly useful for those who use Gmail for work. For example, it can be used when an employee needs to send communications but is on vacation or wants to meet deadlines despite not being present in the office.

On Gmail you can schedule the sending of emails

Gmail has always been characterized by an intuitive and easy to use interface. Thanks to the use of various additional functions and plugins, it can be customized according to your needs. Not to mention that it integrates perfectly with all the other features offered by the Mountain View company, such as Google Calendar, Drive or Maps.

Since May, Gmail has included the possibility of scheduling the delayed sending of messages. From now on, all users can set a precise date and time at which to schedule the sending of their emails. Until a few weeks ago, it was necessary to press the "Send" button within the appropriate window. Now, however, you can delegate the system that will send any message automatically.

How to schedule email sending on Gmail?

To use this feature you don't need any additional programs or plugins, just use Gmail from your browser or mobile application. To use the feature, you need to write a new email. In the browser version, you can create a new message by clicking on "Write +" in the top left corner, above the menu. In the app, however, you need to tap the + symbol that appears at the bottom of the main screen.

After entering the sender, the subject and completing the body of the message, perhaps attaching any files, it's time to send the email. But instead of doing this, you can now schedule it. In the web version, the system has inserted a downward arrow integrated in the Send button. By clicking on the arrow, the "Schedule sending" item appears. This opens a calendar that allows you to customize the send date, as well as a specific time. By selecting the various fields, the system will put the message on hold and send it at the time established by the user without the need for him to take any action. A curiosity: it is possible to postpone the sending of a message up to a maximum of 50 years.