How to recover emails from the recycle bin

While cleaning up your email, you carelessly deleted some important emails and now you need to recover them? No problem. Let's see how to do it! It may seem impossible, but it's not and, like everything, there is a solution. By now it is well known that through the email service you receive a lot of spam, but also important work and non work emails. It could happen that, mistakenly, these vital emails are deleted and you fear you will never be able to retrieve them again. Well, we would like to reassure you and tell you that this is not the case at all.

It will definitely make you feel more comfortable knowing that email services do not delete emails directly: in fact, there is a second step to delete messages. In reality, emails that we think we have deleted are simply moved to the trash and not permanently deleted. To totally delete an email, therefore, a simple click is not enough: the message must be selected a second time and deleted by pressing the "delete" button and giving the OK to the item "in this way the message will be permanently deleted". Only in this way you will have irrevocably deleted the email.

If the email you are looking for is in the trash, simply select it and look for the "move to" option to reposition it in the inbox. This way, your email will be safe among your receipts. Of course, it could be that luck is not in your favor and the email has actually been deleted by mistake or that your email system is set up in such a way that, after a certain period of time, trashed messages are automatically deleted.

How to recover deleted emails online

If your email client is Gmail, before you panic, we recommend that you carefully check the trash to recover any deleted emails. The messages, in fact, may still be there. To do this, all you have to do is log into your Gmail account, click on the "more" item and then on "trash". If you look in the trash of your inbox and find the messages you're interested in, that's it and you can restore them to the inbox by opening them and clicking on the "Inbox" item from the menu that appears. In the case of multiple emails to be restored, you won't need to select them one by one, but check them with a simple click next to their titles and transfer them to the inbox. This is a very simple and intuitive operation.

Even with Outlook it is very easy to recover deleted emails and the process is very similar to the one explained above. Dear users, all you have to do is enter your account data (email and password) and click on the "deleted mail" button on the left-hand side of the screen.

At this point, the instructions we provide are very similar to the previous ones: select the message to be restored by marking it and click on "restore". Your email will be restored and you will find it in the inbox. Do you use an iCloud email system? Don't worry! Here too, we have the solution for you. Quick and easy with just one click!

First, you must access the iCloud site, click on "mail" and then on "trash". From here, locate the email that you want to restore and click on the icon depicting a small folder by selecting "inbox". If you need to recover more than one message, repeat the process several times. It's easy, isn't it? Generally speaking, the procedure for recovering deleted emails is about the same for all webmail services and, as we've already mentioned, you don't need to be a technician to perform this kind of operation. So, regardless of which email service you have installed on your computer and/or phone, all you have to do is go to the "trash" section and select the messages you are interested in to restore them.

How to recover deleted emails from the trash

Recovering permanently deleted emails from the trash, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult, but not impossible. Thanks to our guide, in fact, we will help you recover those messages that you thought were lost forever. If the email you are looking for does not appear in the recycle bin of your inbox, you will have to perform a few more steps to recover it.

As we have already explained in this short guide, files deleted from the PC are no longer visible, but this does not mean that they no longer exist. This principle, therefore, also applies to email messages. Before proceeding to the explanation of how to recover deleted emails from the Recycle Bin, it should be made clear that when you delete files and folders, the data is not immediately removed from your hard drive: the space occupied by the data is identified as free and the system can overwrite it with new content.

So, it's not always possible to recover files, and in this case mistakenly deleted emails, but it's worth a shot. Having said that, if you are really serious about recovering your emails, we recommend that you take a few minutes and read our guide carefully. As we have already told you, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover your lost emails, but if you follow our advice, your chances of recovering them are definitely high.

Programs to recover deleted emails

This is why there are specific programs that allow you to recover deleted files and emails even from the recycle bin that apparently seemed to be lost. Recuva is the first program we feel like recommending. Created by the creators of CC Cleaner, Recuva was created to recover all the material that has been mistakenly deleted from our device. You can download it for free and install it like any other program: once activated, Recuva will ask you which files you want to restore.

Clicking on the "email" item, you will be shown the deleted emails, by mistake or not; from here you will choose which ones to restore. When you're done, you'll see that the recoverable files are those with a green dot next to them. Files marked with a yellow dot are recoverable, but almost certainly damaged. Those marked with a red dot are too corrupted and cannot be restored.

If you can't find the files you need, we recommend restarting Recuva and performing the above steps a second time. Unfortunately, although it is a very popular program, it has a limitation that should not be underestimated: it only works with Windows. If you own a Mac, Recuva is not for you, but don't give up. We have the perfect solution for Apple owners as well.

EaseUS data recovery is the second and final program we recommend in our guide, designed to recover permanently deleted emails from the recycle bin. This program is perfect for Mac owners. To download it, all you have to do is connect to the official website and click on "free trial". There are two versions of this program: one free and one paid. We will now provide you with the substantial differences between these two versions.

Once the download is complete, regardless of which version you choose, open the.exe file and click on the "yes" button to proceed. The free version of EaseUS data recovery will allow you to recover emails up to 500 MB in size and, if you share the program on various social networks, it can be up to two gigabytes. Basically, this program is based on a kind of interchange: in exchange for advertising, you are given the opportunity to recover a larger amount of files.

Once you have installed the program on your PC, select the emails you wish to recover and the disk on which the software should work (disk C). If you are lucky enough, your emails will not have been overwritten yet and there will be a good chance of restoring them. With our short guide and quick tips, we hope we have helped you recover deleted emails from your email trash. Unfortunately, as we have already stated, these are mistakes that can happen, but nothing irreparable.