Precious Plastic, the machine to recycle plastic at home

A Dutch boy has created Precious Plastic, a machine that allows you to recycle plastic directly at home. It can be built by anyone

In addition to air pollution and rising temperatures, there is another problem that puts our future at serious risk: the plastic in the sea. According to some estimates, by 2050 there will be more plastic bottles in the sea than fish, a situation that endangers the entire marine ecosystem.

Recycling plastic, like any other material (steel, iron, glass), is essential not to pollute our beloved Earth. Dave Hakkens, a Dutch boy, has thought well to design, in 2013 for his thesis at the Academy of Design, a machine that allows you to recycle plastic directly at home. A real revolution that would allow anyone to do a good deed to save the planet. The boy is now back in charge by creating a second version of the machine, much more functional and above all more complete and easy to use.

How the machine that recycles plastic works

The Dutch boy's machine is modular: depending on the needs of the user you can recycle plastic or build a new object.

The first machine is the extruder that is used to transform the plastic into filaments that are used to make objects with the 3D printer. The other three machines, on the other hand, can be used to heat the plastic, transform it and make it moldable. With recycled plastic, it will be possible to make bottles, design objects and any other product users can think of. The machine can be built by anyone following the Dutch guy's advice.

The machine is not for sale

The machine is totally free. In fact, Dave Hakkens has chosen to publish online the projects to build the machine: anyone with a little skill and a lot of patience can build it at home. The Dutch guy could very well patent the machine and decide to sell it to the highest bidder, but he thought that the good of the community was more important. Who will want to help Dave Hakkens in his project can do it contacting him through email or donating a small sum.

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