How to disable “Press Home Button” to unlock iPhone

You can avoid physically pressing the Home button and directly unlock the iPhone by just resting your finger on the Touch ID. Here's how to do it

Owners of iPhones know very well that in order to unlock the Apple smartphone you must first activate Touch ID, which will quickly scan your fingerprint, and then physically press the Home button. A process that some users find a bit long.

However, by putting hands on the iOS settings in a few steps you can bypass the last step and unlock the iPhone directly by just resting your finger on the Touch ID. The trick allows you to speed up the access to the Apple phone. In fact, there will be no more need to click the central button a second time. Cupertino introduced the "Press the Home button" feature with iOS 10. The system doesn't exactly please everyone, precisely because it delays unlocking the phone a bit. But it has an undoubted advantage: it allows users to read all notifications with peace of mind between Touch ID activation and logging into the smartphone.

Step to disable "Press the Home Button"

The "Press the Home Button" feature, as anticipated, can be disabled in a very simple way. Once this is done, it will be enough to scan your fingerprint to unlock the iPhone. If, then, you are tired of pressing the home button, the first thing to do is to open the Settings of your Apple smartphone.

Then, among the different options, select "General". Another window will open. Here you'll have to click on "Accessibility". At the bottom, you'll see the "Home button" item: open it. At this point, the last thing you have to do, to disable the "Press the Home button" feature, is to activate "Rest your finger to continue" (you'll find it at the bottom of the screen).

From now on, to unlock the iPhone you'll just have to use Touch ID without physically pressing the Home button. The process can be followed on both iOS 10 and iOS 11.