How to choose between Redmi AirDots and Xiaomi Mi AirDots

One of the most popular accessories of the moment are Bluetooth headphones, wireless headsets comfortable and practical, ideal for listening to music and playing video audio from your smartphone. In particular, among the most interesting mid-range products there are two models, the Redmi AirDots and the Xiaomi Mi AirDots, two devices that are similar but in some aspects profoundly different from each other. Here is a complete analysis of the differences between Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi Mi AirDots.

Redmi AirDots features and functionality

The Redmi AirDots are Chinese wireless headphones, a modern and innovative product, equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and true wireless technology. This is a technical solution that guarantees an optimal connection, without any disturbance present instead in models with Bluetooth 4.2. These devices ensure a high autonomy of up to 5 hours, with a case for wireless charging, an enveloping and dynamic sound and a contemporary and attractive design.

The weight quite low, just 4.2 grams, with dimensions that allow you to fit the headset without any discomfort, thanks also to the additional grommets present in the package. The Redmi AirDots come with a micro USB port, are IPX4 certified so they only resist rain, plus there are buttons for managing commands and features, including pause, play and voice assistant activation.

For power there is a 40 mAh battery, one for each headset, plus the one inserted in the portable dock station of 300 mAh. Audio supports the SBC standard, with a 328 kbps signal and a fairly high-performance dynamic 7.2 mm driver. The price of the Redmi AirDots is about 25 euros, a definitely adequate value for a product like this, which is positioned in the mid-range. Overall, these are good quality wireless headphones, with decent audio support and sufficient autonomy.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots: features and functionality

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots headphones are a product released in 2018, so quite recent, with which the Chinese company has decided to enter this market as well. The device is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, an important aspect to ensure flawless communication between the two headsets. The weight is just 4.2 grams, so they remain quite light and do not create discomfort, even if you leave them for several hours.

The design is minimalist and remotely reminiscent of Apple's Airpods, although the quality is obviously lower. The audio quality is definitely the strong point of the Xiaomi Mi AirDots, which is bright, powerful and crisp, with a clean and richly detailed sound. On the contrary, the microphone does not offer the same quality, in fact, the voice appears to be tainted by interference and noise, which in the long run can appear very annoying.

The autonomy is average for a device in this range, with about 5 hours activating the audio in mono mode, otherwise with the stereo option is reduced to 4 hours. Again, there is a case with dock station, for an additional 12 hours of wireless charging. The controls are not manual but touch, however, some functions such as music track switching and volume management are missing. The price of the Xiaomi Mi AirDots is 35/40 euros, in line with the quality proposed.

Redmi AirDots vs Xiaomi Mi AirDots: differences

After seeing the technical characteristics of the two devices, let's now analyze the differences between the Redmi AirDots and the Xiaomi Mi AirDots. Aesthetically, they are quite similar, with a minimalist and modern design, which is inspired without hiding it by the famous wireless headphones from Apple, although it fails in both cases to achieve the same result. The weight is also almost identical, about 4.2 grams, while the Redmi turn out to be slightly larger than the Xiaomi.

The internal battery and autonomy show no deviations, in fact the two devices guarantee 4/5 hours of activity on a single charge. The same goes for the dock, which provides up to 12 hours of total battery life, plus there's a smart charging feature on both to increase power savings when not in use. The sound quality is better in the Xiaomi headphones, although the Redmi boasts a 7.2 mm driver with ambient noise reduction.

As for the controls, the two products are completely different, in fact the Redmi AirDots offer manual buttons with physical buttons, while the Xiaomi Mi AirDots touch controls. The use of the functions is faster and more intuitive on the Xiaomi, where for example just one touch is enough to activate the voice assistant, while on the Redmi you need two, but it is a minor difference. Finally considering price the Redmi are much cheaper, as they cost almost half as much as the Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots or Redmi AirDots which one to choose?

Choosing between the Xiaomi Mi AirDots wireless headphones and the Redmi AirDots is not an easy decision, in fact the technical features are similar, as well as the functionality, the standard equipment and the audio quality. The only tangible difference concerns the controls, physical in the device offered by Redmi and touch in the one offered by Xiaomi, so if you prefer this system where necessarily opt for the latter model.

The price difference is considerable, so if the physical controls do not create you problems the best option is definitely the Redmi AirDots, headphones economic, functional and able to ensure a decent autonomy and good sound quality. In general, both products are characterized by an excellent value for money, so they both represent a suitable choice, to equip themselves with wireless headphones lightweight, modern and functional.