How to unlock your PC with your Samsung Galaxy phone

Windows can be unlocked from a Samsung device through the fingerprint reader, using Windows Hello and the Samsung Flow application

Windows 10 offers several security solutions to unlock your computer in total security, in addition to entering the classic password. With Windows Hello, for example, we can take advantage of facial recognition or fingerprints to quickly access the device.

Windows Hello works with numerous devices, including those from Samsung. Using one of the South Korean company's smartphones you can, in fact, unlock your computer without entering a password. A very fast system that doesn't require you to remember an alphanumeric code. Windows Hello is compatible, not only with the latest smartphones, but also with other Samsung devices. The important thing is that on the devices there is installed Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or a later version (Nougat 7.0).

Two elements are required to access a Windows computer through the smartphone. In addition to Windows Hello, there must be Samsung Flow (to download from the Windows Store) on the computer. App that, of course, must also be present on the phone.

Steps to enable the feature

Once you've installed the Samsung Flow app, and checked that your device is compatible with Windows Hello, in order to unlock a Windows computer you need to implement some actions. Don't worry, it's very simple and fast. Once you have configured the system, you won't need to repeat the operation in the future. First, you'll have to pair the two devices via the Bluetooth connection.

Device registration

Then open the Windows Hello page. Don't know how to do it? It's very easy. From the search bar (you'll find it in the lower left corner), type "Settings" and from there click on "Accounts". Now, select the "Login options" item and register your device. The computer will ask you to enter a PIN code. That's it. From now on, to lock the device, you'll just have to use the fingerprint reader of your Samsung smartphone (or tablet).

Check if Windows Hello is present

As mentioned, only updated computers have Windows Hello functionality. To check if your pc is compatible, go to "Login Options" again (repeating the steps described above) and check if the feature is present. If not, all you have to do is update the operating system.