Iliad: new feature makes data connection unlock at will

The French phone company has updated its personal profile management page on its web portal to allow users to manage their

Since landing in Italy, Iliad has continued to come up with new services and offers. After the success of the first Iliad tariff, which allowed the French operator to pass the threshold of 1 million SIMs in just over a month, the second offer seems to be even more advantageous.

Iliad, however, does not make it (only) a matter of price. To attract new users, it enriches more and more the list of services and features offered to its customers. If in the coming days should arrive Segreteria Visiva, an app that wants to compete with WhatsApp with free voice messages, is instead already available a new feature within the Personal Area of the site Iliad. Thanks to these services we will be able to continue surfing (for a fee) once we exceed the 30 or 40GB provided by our monthly plan.

How the new Iliad data unlocking services work

The first of the three Iliad data unlocking services has been identified with the item: Unlock data connection beyond fairuse. In practice if we unlock this feature that by default is blocked once we exceed the threshold of 30 or 40GB provided in our monthly plan we will receive a notification but we can continue to surf at our leisure, paying on consumption. At the moment, however, once the threshold of data traffic users had to go to their section and manually unlock the consumption of the network.

The second option, called Unlock data connection in Italy over 50 € billed, allows as the name says to continue to surf online even if consumption has exceeded 50 euros spent. At the moment, however, the default setting once you reach 50 euros in consumption data are disabled and we will have to be us to unlock them manually. If, on the other hand, for work we don't want to spare any expense and we need a lot of Internet data, with this new Iliad feature we won't have to worry about activating the data manually every time.

The third and last option is called Unlock data consumption in roaming (Europe and the rest of the world) over €50. And basically it allows you to continue to surf automatically even abroad once we exceed 50 euros of data traffic consumption.

These three options can be activated all or we can keep only one active, according to our needs. Remember that by default they are deactivated so we won't have to pay for surfing the net without having given our consent. Obviously, surfing over 50 euros is allowed only within the threshold of remaining credit on our SIM Iliad, the French company scales to debit only in case of subscription through credit card.