Iliad in Italy on May 29: it’s official. What to expect at the launch

The French mobile operator is preparing for its entry into the Italian market. Rates and offers will be unveiled Tuesday, May 29 with a press conference

According to the official social accounts, the revolution is about to begin. After so much waiting and preparatory work that went on for years, it seems that the time has finally come for Iliad to get serious. The French low cost mobile operator, arrived in Italy thanks to the acquisition of the antennas dismissed by tre and Wind.

Next May 29, as you can read on the official Facebook profile, Iliad will unveil its intentions for the Italian market, with a press conference broadcast live streaming on the same Facebook profile, on YouTube and on the portal of the phone company. A sort of speech in unified networks, which will allow to discover what is the #Iliad revolution (this is the hashtag used during the promotional campaign) and what will be the rates and mobile offers proposed by the French operator. The latter is the aspect that most interests Italian users: at its launch in France, Iliad (through its "operating arm" Free Mobile) quickly managed to conquer a good slice of the market with rates starting at 0 euro per month.

Iliad Italy, offers and rates. What to expect at the launch

At the moment, it is not yet known if the commercial tactics that Iliad will apply in Italy will be the same as the ones fielded beyond the Alps. Difficult, but not impossible, that even in us is presented a tariff plan Iliad 0 euro, with minutes, SMS and gigabytes included in the offer (it must be said, however, that the thresholds are very low). The strengths of the Iliad offer for Italy, however, should be other. As stated in the post announcing the press conference, the low cost mobile operator wants to focus on truth and transparency. "No more hidden costs. No more extra months. No more nasty surprises in the bill. No more constraints and restrictions. No more unanswered questions. No more old telephone operators. No more saying no more! It's the moment of truth. Get ready to change the way you experience telephony."

How this announcement will translate into Iliad rates and offers is yet to be known. Of course, just wait a few more hours: the appointment is for 10:30 am on Tuesday, May 29, when the very young CEO of Iliad Italy will unveil the plans of the company he heads.