What happens to the smart home when the power goes out

Are you thinking of installing smart gadgets in your home but afraid of what might happen when the power goes out? Avoid wrapping your head before time

Their usefulness and convenience can hardly be debated, but what happens to smart home devices when the power goes out? A question more than justified but with an obvious answer, or almost. As we have already seen in the case of absence of Internet connection, the smart features of these gadgets could be reduced to a trickle but not disappear completely.

Before putting them on the market, in fact, manufacturers have reasoned on how to prevent users from suddenly finding themselves without either smart services or "less intelligent" features. Necessary precautions especially in case of indispensable devices: what happens, for example, to the smart latch without power? And if you have installed connected light bulbs instead of "normal" LED bulbs, does anything change? Let's find out together.

It changes little

Let's dispel any doubts from the outset: compared to the same devices without an Internet connection, very little changes. Just as an incandescent light bulb won't turn on without power, similarly a smart bulb is devoid of all functionality if it's not powered. Not only will it not be able to be controlled by smartphones or a compatible smart speaker, but it obviously won't even make light. Of course, compared to a normal light bulb there might be some "side effects", but we'll see in a moment in detail what will happen.

Similar discussion for devices such as IP cameras for home security or smart locks. Usually, these devices are battery-powered (or equipped with battery backup): even if the power goes out, they will continue to perform their full functionality. Sure, they might lose some of their smart functionality, but if equipped with Bluetooth connectivity instead of Wi-Fi, there shouldn't be any problems in that regard either.

The smart thermostat, finally, doesn't give any problems whatsoever: the device will continue to work just as well, allowing you to adjust the temperature and won't leave you cold.

Smart lights might keep you awake

As mentioned just above, without power supply, smart bulbs (obviously) won't have "smart" functionality nor will they obviously turn on. When the power comes back on, however, they may hold a few surprises. If not properly set up, when power returns, the lights will turn on regardless of the time of day. So, check if there is any option in the settings that will allow you to leave the bulbs off even after a blackout.

With the smart latch, you won't be locked out of your house

A smart latch, on the other hand, is not powered by the domestic electricity network, but by batteries that guarantee its full functionality even during a lasting blackout. Obviously, the smart functionality will depend on the type of connection used, but you'll still be sure to be able to get in and out of the house without major problems.