All the ways to recover your Facebook password

Don't remember your Facebook password anymore? Forgot it? Find out how to recover your Facebook password and securely reset it.

Facebook has introduced new systems to protect member accounts, such as two-factor authentication and unauthorized access alerts. To increase security you can use complex codes, difficult to remember, for this reason it is quite common not to be able to access because you forgot the combination. Let's see how to recover your Facebook password quickly.

Facebook password forgotten: what to do?

It often happens that we forget our passwords, because we are now accustomed to save them in browsers or in the app, log in with fingerprints or facial recognition. These systems make our life easier, but in case of problems we often hear phrases like: "I can't remember the password for Facebook", or any other platform.

In the specific case of Facebook you can make a limited number of attempts, entering your username and personal code. After that, the login system will be locked, requiring a slightly more complex intervention to resolve the situation. For this reason, in case of a forgotten Facebook password, you should not try various combinations but follow this procedure right away.

How to recover Facebook password

If you really can't remember your Facebook login password, don't worry, in fact recovering your credentials is quite simple and fast. The first thing to do is to access the login page of Facebook, using any web browser, either from a PC or a smartphone or tablet.

In the login page of the social network, just below the space to enter your username and secret code, there is a link with the words Do not remember how to access Facebook? Just click on this item and enter your personal email address or your phone number, using the ones you used to register your profile.

Then you just need to choose one of the two ways, to receive the code for resetting the Facebook password via email or SMS. The system will then send the reset code in a few moments, so all you have to do is enter it, typing the number in the appropriate bar, and then continue with the creation of the new login password.

How to reset your Facebook password

After validating the initial procedure, with the insertion of the security code for identification, you can reset your Facebook password. You can choose your own acronym, but it's important to choose a complex combination so that it's not easy for a hacker to crack it.

You often use your Facebook credentials to access other services and apps, so it's essential to use a secure password that provides a high level of protection. For example, you should use both upper and lower case letters, don't use birthdates, proper names or recognizable number sequences, integrate special characters and prefer random combinations.

Once you've chosen a new Facebook password, you just have to enter it and confirm it, after which you can choose whether to save the updated credentials and enter the platform, or confirm the password and log out of the social network using the automatic logout option. To be on the safe side, you should always write down the code somewhere, so that if you forget it, you won't have to do it again.

Facebook disposable password: what is it?

Lately, Facebook has been trying to make the platform more secure, especially with the increase in unsecure connections, such as those in centers like airports, museums, restaurants and other places where access is shared. In questi casi la protezione dei dati sensibili è particolarmente a rischio, tuttavia sono previste delle alternative davvero utili.

Se ad esempio devi accedere a Facebook durante una sessione di connessione Wi-Fi aperta, come quella di una biblioteca, puoi evitare di usare le credenziali principali (nome utente e password) adoperando delle password usa e getta. La prima opzione è riservata agli utenti che hanno registrato il proprio numero di telefono, collegandolo all’account Facebook.

Ciò consente di inviare un SMS al proprio operatore telefonico, per ricevere una password OTP (One Time Password) da utilizzare per il login al profilo. In Italia le compagnie che offrono questo servizio sono:

  • Wind Italia – numero 485 0105
  • Vodafone – numero 342 4860 900
  • Noverca – numero 4891 925

Se il tuo contratto è con uno di questi operatori puoi accedere al servizio, quindi bisogna soltanto mandare un SMS con la scritta otp ai numeri sopraindicati. Immediately after you will receive the temporary password to use for access, avoiding to use the real one. This procedure, however, is not allowed for users who have activated two-factor authentication.