How to protect a hard drive on Windows 10 with a password

Using Hidden Disk software, you can set a password to hide your hard drive on Windows 10. Doing it is super easy, it only takes a few minutes

Diaries and memory boxes, we all love to protect our privacy. That's why they invented keys and locks, and for the same reason we'll also have to protect all the information about us that is contained in our hard drives.

Nowadays every piece of information we have is on a smartphone or a computer. Sometimes we don't pay much attention to it, but hiding our data from malicious people and cyber criminals is the first essential step to avoid falling victim to a hacker attack. And to say that protecting a hard drive, on devices with Windows 10 operating system, is very easy, all you need is a simple password. It is a trivial measure but it can safeguard our photos, videos or bank credentials and even important work documents.

How Hidden Disk works

The first step to take to hide our hard drive is to use the Hidden Disk software. The program is free and easy to download. Once installed, open it. We will notice in the main screen a big "X", that will represent the number of the disk, as there is no hard disk registered an X is displayed. At this point we have to go to Create Disk. In this way all our most important files will be hidden within the system and will not be viewable except by us. To hide them from prying eyes we need to click on Disable Disk. After completing the process all files and the drive itself will disappear. The drive will also disappear every time we turn off the PC. To protect new files we'll have to do a new process, so let's go to Create Disk and start again. Of course it's a long process and you have to do it constantly but it's safe.

How to set a password with Hidden Disk

To secure our files we can also set a password, so that only we can recover the hidden documents. Doing so is very easy, go to the home screen of Hidden Disk and select the item Create/Edit Password. On the next page all you have to do is enter a recovery email address and password and you're done. The email address is used to recover the password in case we forget it. For the service to work, remember to click on the activation link that we will receive by email and that will take us to the first access.