How to recover PIN SIM Tiscali

Don't remember your Tiscali card unlock code anymore? Don't worry: if you are a customer of the Sardinian operator, you can easily recover it

When you don't use a SIM for a while, the chances of forgetting your PIN code are very high. Between various phone numbers, passwords for email and social networks and appointments, remembering even a four-digit numerical code, used maybe a couple of times during the last year, can be a difficult task.

If now you're wondering I've forgotten the PIN code of my phone how do I do it, don't worry. In fact, every phone operator has rather simplified procedures to find the unlock code and allow you to use the phone again. If, for example, you are looking for a way to recover the PIN code of your Tiscali SIM card, know that you have at your disposal several methods to find it and thus be able to access the contacts and text messages that, over time, you had stored on your mobile card. Are you ready? Then let's see how to do it together.

Recovery Tiscali SIM PIN code from the packaging

As recommended by the phone operator itself, the easiest way to recover the PIN code is from the SIM packaging. That is, from the plastic card from which you "extracted" the phone card itself when you bought it. On that card, which is about the size of a credit card, there are both the PIN code and the PUK code (the recovery code in case you have entered the wrong PIN number three times in a row). All you have to do is find it again and keep it in a safe place (maybe your wallet, in the same compartment as your credit card, just to give you an example).

Recovery PIN SIM Tiscali from the customer area My Tiscali

In case you can't find the packaging of your mobile card anymore, you have nothing to worry about. Tiscali, in fact, allows you to find the PUK code (and not the PIN, which can be changed arbitrarily by the user) directly within your personal area of the site After registering, access the Your services area and click on the Details button: here you will find the eight digits that make up the PUK code that you can use after entering the wrong PIN three times.

Recovery PIN SIM Tiscali from the MyTiscali app

The same procedure can be used to recover the unlock code of the smartphone directly from the MyTiscali app. Also in this case you will need an active MyTiscali profile: enter your credentials to access the personal area, then look for the SIM Information section and wait a few moments: in the new screen that will load you will see some information about your mobile card, including the unlock code.

Recovery PIN SIM Tiscali with FAX service

Or you can get the PUK code of your SIM Tiscali by sending a written request (with your personal details, phone number and SIM serial number, which you can recover using these apps) to fax number 800910028. Do not forget to attach a copy of your identity document, so that Tiscali technical support operators can verify your real identity.