How far are the Earth and the Moon

In this article you will find out how long it takes to get to the Moon, how far the Earth is from this satellite and how distances are measured. Knowing how far the Moon is from planet Earth is one of the great questions of the world, which has been wanted to be answered with … Read more

How to contact Kena Mobile customer support

Problems with the Kena Mobile SIM? Contacting the service center of the virtual operator of TIM is quite simple: here’s how to talk to a Kena operator Active on the Italian market for several years now, Kena Mobile is one of the MVNOs preferred by users of the Bel Paese. In addition to being able … Read more

3 Series Similar to Sex Education

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One of the rarest meteorites ever landed in England: how to see it

It was named after the town where it was recovered. One of the rarest meteorites ever landed in England: how to see it. It’s a package delivered from space to Earth containing information dated 4.6 billion years ago. Pertaining to what? For scientists, the chemistry that existed at the time of the formation of our … Read more