3 Series Similar to Sex Education

One of Netflix's most popular teen dramas is preparing to return later this year. Here are three series similar to Sex Education about sexuality and adolescence.

Sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity, relationships, adolescence, consent and affection: these are just a few of the issues addressed by Sex Education. The British TV series, which has won over Netflix subscribers, in addition to a truly compelling storyline, offers numerous food for thought.

The protagonist is Otis, an introverted and insecure teenager who must come to terms with his virginity, which, at least in the first season, lives as a problem to be overcome as soon as possible. On the other hand, he lives with a mother quite "cumbersome" from this point of view: she is Jean and is an author and famous sex therapist. One day, almost by accident, Otis finds himself giving sexual advice to some of his classmates. So, together with his friend Maeve, he decides to open an underground sex counseling clinic in the school. He is helped in this endeavor by other characters, including his gay friend Eric. This is just a small part of the plot full of twists and details. Sex Education is certainly an unparalleled product, but fortunately there are many similar TV series to watch in streaming.

Euphoria on Sky

When talking about sexuality and teen drama you can not fail to mention Euphoria, the TV series broadcast by Sky and also available on NOW. The plot is centered on a group of American teenagers in search of their identity and immersed in the first sexual discoveries, but also linked to problems of drugs and addictions.

In comparison to Sex Education, Euphoria is definitely more raw and deals with more extreme issues. It stars Zendaya, who in 2020 at just 24 years old received an Emmy Award for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series. She is the youngest winner in this category in the history of the award.

Skam Italia on Netflix

Those who love Italian series will find in Skam Italia many similarities with Sex Education. The TV series is set in a Roman high school and tells the lives of students and in particular of a group of boys. The themes are those typical of teen dramas, and in particular it also talks about bullying, homosexuality, sexuality, integration and inclusion. Each season focuses on a particular character, which provides an opportunity to delve into different stories and issues.

Skam Italia is available on Netflix.

Bonding on Netflix

The third and final series that might appeal to Sex Education fans is Bonding, which explores the world of BDSM in a humorous way.

It centers on the events of Tiffany, who by day dresses as a college student and by night becomes a dominatrix, Mistress May, the most in-demand in New York City. The girl asks her best friend Pete, who has recently come out to be her assistant and bodyguard. As the series progresses it becomes clear that Pete and Tiffany will have to come to terms with their passions and figure out what they want from their lives.

The first 2 seasons of Bonding are on Netflix.