Living Room Cup, how Cristiano Ronaldo’s social challenge works

Cristiano Ronaldo launched the Living Room Cup challenge on his Instagram account: how many crunches can you do in 45 seconds? During the quarantine, many celebrities sharpened their wits to entertain their fans. Many initiatives started on social networks, where VIPs broadcast live, inventing new formats that they could run at home. Others have invented … Read more

How to remove old Windows drivers and free up space on your pc

Some of the drivers contained in the hard drives of computers running Windows 10 are useless and just take up space. Here’s what to remove and how to do it There is a problem that, regardless of the characteristics of the computer, most Windows users, at least once in their lives, have to deal with: … Read more

The Crown 5: here’s who plays Prince William

The fifth season of The Crown is being cast and a very important role has been assigned: who is the actor who will play the teenage Prince William The casting for the fifth season of The Crown, the exciting series about life at the court of Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom, is almost … Read more