Who was German Valdes “Tin Tan”, today’s Google Doogle

German Valdes aka Tin Tan was a Mexican actor famous for clearing Pachuco. In his career he participated in more than 100 films Today Google celebrates an actor little known in Italy, but who in Mexico and the United States is considered one of the most important of the last hundred years. We are talking … Read more

Facebook, what will be the new name? The web goes wild

The web has gone wild about Facebook’s new name. It seems that the social network is ready to change its face: here are some (funny) suggestions from the web Facebook will change its name. It is not official, but according to the usual well-informed, the choice has been made and there is no turning back. … Read more

Books purchased on the Microsoft Store become unreadable

Since July 1, ebooks purchased on the Microsoft store have become unreadable. The Redmond company has closed the servers, but users have been refunded Bad surprise for those who, in the past, bought books in digital format from the Microsoft Store: starting yesterday they are completely unreadable. Microsoft had announced it a few months ago, … Read more

How to find out who visited my Facebook account

There is no trick to finding out who is spying on us on Facebook. Here’s how to defend yourself from the fake apps that promise it How many times have we read online ads like “Click here to find out who visited your Facebook account” or “Click here and find out who’s spying on you … Read more