How to find out who visited my Facebook account

There is no trick to finding out who is spying on us on Facebook. Here's how to defend yourself from the fake apps that promise it

How many times have we read online ads like "Click here to find out who visited your Facebook account" or "Click here and find out who's spying on you on Facebook". And every time, after clicking, we are disappointed: no information about who visited our Facebook profile. And the reason is very simple: it is impossible to find out who is monitoring us on the social platform. The reasons are many, but the main one is related to privacy: it is not possible to inform people of the movements of other users online.

The myth of being able to find out who visits our Facebook profile was born at the same time that the social platform began to become famous. Many people joined Facebook after trying Orkut, a social network that gave the user the possibility to find out who visited their profile on their personal page. Orkut disappeared, while Facebook is the most used social platform, and probably one of the reasons is also the privacy guaranteed to users.

Watch out for fake apps

As mentioned, it is not uncommon to find fake apps online that ensure to show who visits our Facebook profile. In many cases, before providing us with this information, they ask permission to access our account, our contacts and even the messages we exchange on Messenger. The goal of these fake applications is to get hold of our personal data and use it for illicit purposes or to track our movements online. And in the end they won't give us any information about who has visited our Facebook profile.

The same goes for extensions or add-ons for Chrome or Firefox that promise to find out who is spying on us on the social platform. In these cases, apart from stealing our information, they also install dangerous malware that infects your PC.

If you have accidentally given permission to some of these applications to access your personal data, you can revoke it from Facebook settings. You need to enter your personal profile, press on Settings and then on "Apps and Websites". In the screen that will open, there will be the list with all the apps authorized to access your Facebook friends list.