Google Maps updates with a new history of places visited

Google Maps releases a travel history update to make it easier to share places to visit. Here's how it works

Holiday time, time for major updates for Google Maps. While millions of people around the world are on vacation and use Google's map service every day to get around or find points of interest, Big G has decided to release an update that improves the history of your movements.

As you know, every monument and city you visit is saved by Google Maps in the user's personal profile. This way you can always know what you visited on a specific day. Until now, in the history of the places visited there was only a tab called "Day": according to the date your movements were shown, with the possibility of adding or deleting positions. Now three new sections are added to the Day tab: Places, Cities and World. In the first one it is possible to find everything you have visited, grouped, however, by category (restaurants, monuments, bars, train stations), while City and World group the places visited by macro-categories. The new feature is present with version 10.22.2 of Google Maps that is being released these days.

Google Maps, how to use the new feature

The update of the history of Google Maps allows you to have a history of the cities and places you have visited in recent years. To use the new feature you have to open Google Maps, press the icon with three vertical lines in the upper left corner and then select History. This will open the new section with four tabs: Day, Places, City and World. The last three are the ones just added by Google developers.

Clicking on Places will show the places visited in the last period, grouped by categories: Eating and Drinking, Attractions, Hotels, Shopping and Sports (there are many more). In the Cities tab, instead, it is possible to find the points of interest visited grouped by cities. Pressing on the card of each individual town opens a list with the attractions visited. The World tab works in a very similar way, with the difference that the places visited are grouped by countries.

Each single attraction visited can be selected or saved among your favorite places and shared with your friends. You can also create a Google Trips-style travel itinerary and send it to your friends and family so they already know what to visit when they go to a certain city or country.

How to get the update

The new Google Maps travel history is available from version 10.22.2 of the application, being released these days all over the World. To download the update you need to enter the Google Play Store or the App Store and force download the update.