Google updates iOS apps: what changes for YouTube

Google has started updating its apps for iOS and iPadOS devices, and it starts with the YouTube streaming platform: what changes

After a few months of silence, due to the adjustment required by the App Store for user data management, Google is back to update its apps for iOS and iPadOS. To start, Big G has chosen YouTube, one of the applications of the package that since a few days is giving several headaches to Apple users.

The stop to the update of Google's applications on Apple's virtual store coincides with December 8, 2020, the date on which the Cupertino headquarters decided to introduce new rules for the privacy of users of the devices of the bitten apple. Right from that fateful date, the company led by Tim Cook had categorically asked all app developers to add information related to the types of personal data of users used and registered, under penalty of blocking software updates. For the Mountain View giant, this resulted in an abrupt halt to updates, with the apps lagging behind their Android counterparts, which, on the other hand, have continued to evolve, implementing features and fixing bugs.

Google iOS apps, what's changed for YouTube

The new YouTube update, which comes in at version 15.49.6, as stated by Google itself fixes some bugs and improves the app's performance. What will make the difference, though, will be the complete transparency on what data Big G collects during usage: contact information and identifiers.

To perform the monitoring activity, YouTube might record user and device ID. In addition, other information could also be collected and linked to the user's identity, such as contact information, user content, browsing and search history, contacts and location, as well as captures and diagnostics on performance and crashes.

Google apps for iOS, the other updates

At the moment, there is still no certain information about when updates will be available for the other Big G apps, although, having passed the first hurdle, many hope that the road will be downhill. In fact, just like YouTube, Gmail is causing quite a few problems, especially when adding new email accounts, by signaling through the same pop-up displayed on the app dedicated to video streaming the need for an update to continue to ensure data security.

Apple and privacy, ATT is coming

The labels, however, would not be the only method of Apple to protect the privacy of its users. Cupertino is in fact about to implement App Tracking Transparency (ATT), a feature that will allow users to opt-out of ad tracking within third-party apps.

The novelty will be introduced in the 14.5 beta version of iOS and should make its debut in the corresponding stable release. And already the choice has set off several developers, Facebook at the forefront, to block ad-related earnings.