Google Maps updates with speed cameras, construction sites and closed roads

On Google Maps has been added the ability to report speed cameras, broken down vehicles on the roadway and road construction sites

For a few months now, Google Maps has added the ability for users to report the presence of fixed and mobile speed cameras encountered along the road. The feature has been very successful and has now been further expanded by Google Maps developers: with the new update you can also report construction sites, closed lanes, broken down vehicles and dangerous debris on the roadway.

The update will arrive simultaneously on iOS and Android in the coming days and the roll-out will be global. Google Maps continues in its renewal process, improving existing features and adding new ones to make the app the perfect travel companion. It is no coincidence that Google is also working on the tabs of the local present in the maps: this is a further improvement of the services already present to make Google Maps an app to three hundred and sixty degrees.

Google Maps, how to report speed cameras, construction sites and closed roads

Google announced that in the coming days will be released for iOS the update that introduces the ability to report the presence of speed cameras. The feature for the moment was only available for Android. In addition to speed cameras, users can now also report the presence of construction sites, closed lanes, vehicles in trouble on the roadway and the presence of debris and other dangerous objects on the road. These new options will be released for both Android and iOS versions.

Reporting the presence of speed cameras or problems on the roadway is very simple: while in navigation mode, just press on the "+" icon on the right side of the screen and a window will open with different icons: speed cameras, work in progress, debris. Choosing one of the options will also alert other users to problems on the road.

When the new Google Maps features arrive

As announced by Google, the new features should arrive with the next update being released in the coming days worldwide for both Android and iOS users.