The ISS forced to swerve to avoid space junk

The movement of the International Space Station to avoid colliding with American debris: because of space junk, the ISS was forced to swerve Space travel is never easy. There are a thousand obstacles: the absence of gravity, the distance from Earth, the lack of oxygen and diplomacy between states that have missions in space. Among … Read more

157 emoji coming soon: there are also superheroes and the unicorn

Unicode Consortium has released the new 157 emoji that will debut on messaging apps from August-September 2018 Unicode Consortium, the organization that “manages” the creation of emoticons, has announced 157 new smilies that we will see from the middle of next year on all major instant messaging apps: from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger. After months … Read more

Opel chooses Qualcomm for Astra 2022’s “Detox” dashboard

Aboard the new Opel Astra 2022 there will be the hand of Qualcomm, which has developed the technology for the huge digital dashboard Qualcomm and Opel have announced in recent hours that the next generation Opel Astra will use the latest generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit platforms. Curious the motto chosen for the project, Detox to … Read more