Amazon Chime, the video calling service for businesses

Amazon Chime offers a range of services for SMBs ranging from chats, file sharing and video calls. Several subscription solutions Microsoft is on notice: its video calling service has a new competitor: Amazon. The Californian company has just announced Amazon Chime, a new application for teleconferences, especially designed for companies and SMEs. The app, recently … Read more

10 secret tricks to use Google Maps to the maximum power

Google Maps cost nothing and have little to envy to a “professional” satellite navigator. The important thing is to take advantage of all its many features to the fullest. Here are some tricks to experience the features less used because little known. Google maps are a real concentration of technology at the service (free) of … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Charges Slowly

Have you noticed lately that your smartphone battery is charging slower and slower? Here are 5 reasons why your device is charging slowly If your smartphone is not very young anymore then the charging time might seem endless. It happens to everyone, with all models of smartphones (and tablets, laptops and other battery-powered electronic devices), … Read more

WhatsApp on the cell phone: available for the Nokia 8110

WhatsApp also lands on cell phones: you can download the application on the Nokia 8110, new version of the historic Finnish mobile phone The first application we use in the morning is WhatsApp. And very often also the last one before going to sleep. This is because WhatsApp is available for most smartphones available on … Read more