WhatsApp on the cell phone: available for the Nokia 8110

WhatsApp also lands on cell phones: you can download the application on the Nokia 8110, new version of the historic Finnish mobile phone

The first application we use in the morning is WhatsApp. And very often also the last one before going to sleep. This is because WhatsApp is available for most smartphones available on the market (support for older versions of Android has been removed) and allows the app to be spread all over the world.

Now WhatsApp also lands on "old style" phones. And the first cell phone to get support from the application is the Nokia 8110, a phone launched on the market by the Finnish company last year and that has surprised for its very particular design. In fact, the Nokia 8110 is the reinterpretation in a modern key of a cell phone already launched in the late '90s and early 2000s and that recorded millions of copies sold. Compared to normal cell phones, however, the Nokia 8110 also integrates an LTE module that offers the possibility for the user to connect to the Internet. And thanks to this feature, users can download WhatsApp on their Nokia 8110.

How to install WhatsApp on Nokia 8110

The Nokia 8110 is based on the KaOS operating system, developed by the engineers of the Finnish company. The operating system also has a proprietary store from which you can download applications and video games. On the Nokia 8110 there are some very important apps by default, such as Google Search, Google Assistant and Google Maps, while Facebook can be downloaded from the store. To these apps, WhatApp is now also added. Installing the messaging service on the Nokia 8810 is very simple: just enter the operating system's online store, search for WhatsApp and start downloading the app. Within a few seconds the application will be installed on the Nokia 8110.

The version of WhatsApp for mobile is practically identical to that for Android and iOS. You can send images, videos, multimedia content and make calls and video calls. As is the case with Android and iOS, WhatsApp for KaOS will also be updated with new features and security systems.