Black Friday 2017, tips to buy the best

The fever is rising for Black Friday, the day of big online sales that will officially kick off the Christmas season. At the stroke of midnight on November 24, you will have twenty-four hours to buy at discounted prices on the web, with stores and sales portals ready to offer products discounted by as much … Read more

WhatsApp, advertising arrives between Stories in January 2019

Starting in January 2019, ads will arrive on WhatsApp, also in Italy. No ads in chats but only in the section dedicated to States New year new life, with WhatsApp ads in addition. The famous instant messaging application has in fact made it known that starting in January 2019 it will introduce ads within its … Read more

Amazon, possible to talk to dogs and cats within 10 years

Amazon is working on a translation system for dog and cat noises that it wants to launch in ten years, here’s how it might work Talking to your pet. Some people already do it, and according to psychologists and veterinarians, the habit of talking to your cat or dog at home helps people to be … Read more

How to print notes from a PowerPoint presentation

If you use PowerPoint a lot for work or study, you may find yourself needing to print presentation notes. Here’s how to get it done in just a few clicks Those who have never used it at least once in their lives, let them cast the first stone. Even though it looks like Tom Thumb … Read more