Xbox Series X, Microsoft ammette: poche scorte fino a giugno

Brutte notizie per i videogiocatori: Microsoft ha poche scorte di chip per le Xbox Series X|S e la situazione non migliorerà a breve. Anche Microsoft, come ha appena fatto Apple (ve lo abbiamo raccontato qui), ammette che la famigerata crisi dei chip metterà in difficoltà la produzione dei suoi prodotti hardware. Cioè delle console Xbox … Read more

Xiaomi in Italy: what the Chinese electronics manufacturer will sell

Xiaomi has officially arrived in Italy with its Mi Store in Arese, here’s what we’ll find in the Chinese company’s store from smartphones to green scooters Xiaomi has officially arrived in Italy. The Chinese company opens on May 26 his first physical store in our country, inside the shopping center “Il Centro” in Arese. An … Read more

Fake Captcha code scams online bank users

Do you know how to recognize fake Captcha code? This virus could steal all your data and damage your mobile or desktop device. Here’s how to defend yourself Phishing can take on many faces, ranging from fake emails from banks and Nigerian heirs to messages on WhatsApp about phantom Amazon packages waiting to be picked … Read more

FaceApp Challenge: how to age your face on Instagram

FaceApp is an app that uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to age users’ selfies: here’s how it works Imagine how we will be in a few years, aged with wrinkles marking the face and gray hair. A curiosity more or less inherent in all of us and that today, thanks to a new app allows … Read more

Didacta the digital school

Lenovo, together with Microsoft, will present a series of new devices designed for school and learning at the second edition of the Didacta Italia Fair On the occasion of the Fiera Didacta Italia 2018, the second edition of the international event dedicated to the world of education and supported by Indire (Istituto Nazionale Documentazione Ricerca Educativa), … Read more