Xiaomi launches a foldable smartwatch: the features

Xiaomi launches Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch, a smart band with curved glass and a battery life that exceeds a week Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch is the new wearable produced by Huawei, a company that is part of the Xiaomi universe. It is a device that has created a lot of buzz for its design: it … Read more

Tim network is not working today, what’s happening

Since this morning at 8:00 am, the TIM network is not working in most of Italy: users can neither make calls nor use the data network. Unknown the causes Bruttic Sunday awakening for TIM users, the cellular network is not working in most of Italy and does not allow neither to make calls nor to … Read more

Link tax, what is it and what are its consequences

Introduced in 2015 in Spain, it is also part of the new European legislation on copyright. Here’s what the link tax is and how it could change the web One of the key terms around which the discussion on the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (better known as¬†European copyright law) revolves is … Read more