Why Snapchat has become a danger for all kids

The latest update of Snapchat has introduced a feature that allows members to view on a map where other contacts are There is a new danger that does not make parents sleep soundly, already anxious because of cyberbullying and sexting, very worrying phenomena and children of new technologies. It’s SnapMap, the latest feature recently introduced by … Read more

10 Instagram apps that actually stole your data

Beware of Instagram apps that promise to increase your number of followers, cyber criminals are often behind these services Growing your circle of followers on Instagram is not easy. You need to have specific skills and work hard with periodic goals. Or you can use ad hoc apps that allow you to increase the number of followers … Read more

IOS 13.4 blocks calls from strangers and call centers

With Apple’s latest operating system update, you can block calls from call centers and unknown numbers. Here’s how to do it Apple has recently released a new update to its latest operating system: iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4. There are many new features introduced with the new software from the house of Cupertino, a really … Read more