Jammy, the portable and smart guitar

Compact, Jammy thanks to the telescopic arm in a few centimeters contains all the features of a guitar. Ideal for use by beginners Acoustic or electric, depending on taste, there are different types of guitar. Digital guitars have been around for a few years now. And recently, portable guitars have also begun to appear: small, … Read more

IPhone X Plus 2018, unveiled the project with triple camera

According to the latest rumors in autumn 2018 Apple will launch on the market the new iPhone X Plus, a device with three rear cameras like Huawei P20 Pro By autumn 2018 Apple should launch on the market the second generation of the iPhone X  composed of at least three devices. Among them we will … Read more

IPhone dual SIM official: iOS 12 unveils it

Furrowing through the source code of iOS 12, support for dual SIM handling has been discovered. It remains to be seen which of the iPhones will have this feature It’s now official: one of the three iPhones scheduled for release in September 2018 will hit the market in a dual-SIM version. To leak this news … Read more