IPhone dual SIM official: iOS 12 unveils it

Furrowing through the source code of iOS 12, support for dual SIM handling has been discovered. It remains to be seen which of the iPhones will have this feature

It's now official: one of the three iPhones scheduled for release in September 2018 will hit the market in a dual-SIM version. To leak this news are some features present in the update of Apple's mobile operating system: iOS 12.

On the new mobile OS of Cupertino, in fact, we find clear references to the management of two SIM cards at the same time. Among the various settings in fact we find the entries "Second SIM status", "Dual-SIM management" and "Second SIM slot". All small indications that make us understand how Apple is ready to launch a new smartphone with support for dual SIM. It is now to be understood if the new feature will be presented exclusively on the flagship model - the iPhone X 2018 Plus - or on the base model - the colored iPhone 9 with a 6.1-inch LCD screen - or if on all three models expected to be released next fall. A headache, however, that could be solved by the production delays that one of the models is experiencing in this last period.

Apple's plan for the dual-SIM model

At the moment, Apple's plan seems quite defined: the U.S. company intends to launch as soon as possible a dual-SIM model in China and Europe, the two markets where dual-card phones have more market. That's why, therefore, the phone chosen for dual-SIM card support could surprisingly be the 2018 iPhone X Plus. Depending on the success of this model is possible that Cupertino before Christmas decides whether to launch iPhone X "low-cost" with a dual SIM or with the classic single SIM.

Beware, however, because some rumors coming from sources inside Cupertino speak of a last-minute change for Apple. The 6.1-inch model in fact is a bit late in production and could be launched a few weeks after the official unveiling of the two new 2018 iPhone X models, the 6.4-inch Plus and the "classic" 5.8-inch iPhone. This delay would be convincing Apple to include dual-SIM support on the new 2018 iPhone X Plus with OLED screen and therefore not on the "budget" LCD model.