How to tell if your iPhone has been hacked

If you’re not careful while using your smartphone, it can happen that a hacker gets hold of it. Here’s how to tell if your iPhone is compromised Although Apple calls its iOS mobile operating system “inherently secure,” the truth is that even iPhones can fall victim to hacking attacks that, especially through a malware infection, … Read more

Fortnite champion banned for life: here’s why

The gamer, who is also well known on YouTube, posted a video in which he uses an aimbot, a practice banned on Fortnite. Here’s what’s happening Jarvis “Jarvis” Kaye, Fortnite champion belonging to the e-Sport FaZe Clan team has been banned for life from the video game. In recent days in the forums and communities … Read more

Instagram: how to tag products to sell in Stories

From next weeks, Creators will be able to put products for sale inside Stories and Posts. Here’s how to add Shopping tags to your posts The metamorphosis of Instagram into an e-commerce platform now seems to be complete. As announced during F8, the conference for developers organized annually by Facebook, starting next week the so-called … Read more