Ranking of the best apps to translate languages

There are numerous apps available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store with which you can translate numerous languages instantly with your smartphone. Holidays are approaching and you’re planning to spend them abroad? If you’re not much of a language person, you’ll probably need an app that can act as a translator during your … Read more

What are refurbished devices

Reconditioned devices are computers, smartphones or tablets that are offered for sale after the company has repaired and fixed them More and more often while browsing on e-commerce sites next to smartphones, computers and tablets for sale there is the words “refurbished device”. What does it mean that a smartphone has been reconditioned? And most … Read more

Facebook always knows where you are, even if you ban tracking

The social admits to always tracking the location of its members, even if they have chosen to turn off geolocation. Here’s how it does it and why it does it If you want to protect your privacy, disabling the tracking of your smartphone’s location, detected through GPS or mobile and Wi-Fi networks, is not enough. … Read more

What to do to solve err_too_many_redirects

One of the most frequent errors that you can come across while surfing the web can be “err_too_many_redirects”: here is what it is and what you have to do to solve it. Surfing the web is not always easy, and you might run into different types of errors. Among the most common, and at the … Read more