IPhone 12 Pro, top features for Apple’s new smartphone

The iPhone 12 Pro could have 6GB of RAM and a true premium smartphone spec sheet. Here are all the specs Apple is preparing to launch iPhone 12 Pro and the features will be top notch for its new smartphone. Rumors coming in via Twitter talk about a 6GB RAM, versus the 4GB that comes … Read more

Danger comes from Skype, a virus takes your pc hostage

The malware hides inside some advertisements asking users to update the FlashPlayer plug-in. Designed to target Windows Still bad news on the computer security front. To end up under the fire of hackers this time is Skype, or rather its users, hit by malicious advertisements. The ads, if opened, end up downloading a fearsome malware … Read more

Facebook, AI improves image recognition

Lumos will help subscribers locate images without resorting to tags or description: just type a keyword Facebook continues to experiment with new systems to make its platform smarter and smarter, as evidenced by the latest feature that improves image recognition. The feature is based on Lumos, a computer vision technology. Thanks to the new feature,¬†users … Read more