La Casa di Carta 5 ufficiale: Netflix annuncia la nuova stagione

Netflix ha annunciato l’arrivo ufficiale de La Casa di Carta Parte 5: la nuova stagione arriverà nel 2021 e ci saranno molte novità, a partire da due nuovi attori “Parte 5: il colpo giunge al termine #LCDP #LaCasaDePapel5“. Sono bastate poche parole e un’immagine con la maschera tipica della serie TV per annunciare l’arrivo della … Read more

How to see streaming 1994 – The Series

Find out how to see streaming or TV 1994 – The Series, Sky’s new original production. Starts October 4 Returns 1994, the TV series created by Stefano Accorsi and that tells a very important passage of Italian history: the scandal of Tangentopoli and the descent into the field of Silvio Berlusconi. 1994 is the last … Read more

Spusu, ready the arrival of the new lowcost phone operator: the news

Spusu is a new lowcost phone operator that should make its debut by the end of June. Here are the possible offers If it hadn’t been for the coronavirus and the outbreak of the global pandemic that hit Italy and the whole world, the Italian mobile market would have been enriched by another low-cost operator. … Read more

Fortnite World Cup, there is also the Creative mode: all the details

15 participants will be selected to compete for a prize pool of 3 million dollars In more than one occasion we have spoken of the Fortnite World Cup, the world competition dedicated to Battle Royale signed Epic Games with a prize pool of 100 million dollars. The tournament officially began last April 13 and will end … Read more