Spusu, ready the arrival of the new lowcost phone operator: the news

Spusu is a new lowcost phone operator that should make its debut by the end of June. Here are the possible offers

If it hadn't been for the coronavirus and the outbreak of the global pandemic that hit Italy and the whole world, the Italian mobile market would have been enriched by another low-cost operator. We're talking about Spusu, an Austrian company that several months ago announced its decision to arrive in Italy and attack the market with its own philosophy: low-cost offers and excellent customer care.

In the original plans, Spusu was supposed to debut with the first offers in March, but rightly the Austrian company wanted to wait for better times. Times that very probably have arrived: according to the last indiscretions collected by the colleagues of mondomobileweb, Spusu will launch the first offers already in June. Missing, therefore, a few days to the official debut that surely will be anticipated by an event of presentation. The new operator wants to follow in the wake of Iliad, which has shown that you can grow even in a sector that seems saturated.

Spusu, news on the SIM card and customer service

One of the strengths of Spusu will be the customer service, as already happens in Austria where he got great reviews from customers. Staff selection began in the previous months and now everything seems to be ready. As discovered by mondomobileweb is already active a number where you can contact the customer service, although it is not yet the official one and for the moment only a recorded voice answers. In any case, the number is 378010100.

Spusu, the first offers

For the moment there are no rumors about the possible offers that Spusu is planning to launch in Italy. It is rumored that the new virtual operator will focus on low-cost rates with no hidden costs, a policy used in recent months by all fixed telephony companies. Most likely Spusu will launch monthly subscriptions including calls, SMS and gigs for data connection.

Spusu, how the phone operator will work

Spusu will not have its own network in Italy, but it will be a virtual phone operator that should rely on the WindTre network. This, at least, is what has been leaked in the previous months.

Spusu, when will there be the official debut

As mentioned above, Spusu should arrive in Italy by the end of June. There is no official date yet: any day could be the decisive one for the official announcement.