La Casa di Carta 5 ufficiale: Netflix annuncia la nuova stagione

Netflix ha annunciato l'arrivo ufficiale de La Casa di Carta Parte 5: la nuova stagione arriverà nel 2021 e ci saranno molte novità, a partire da due nuovi attori

“Parte 5: il colpo giunge al termine #LCDP #LaCasaDePapel5“. Sono bastate poche parole e un’immagine con la maschera tipica della serie TV per annunciare l’arrivo della Parte 5 de La Casa di Carta, la serie TV Netflix più amata e più vista di sempre in Italia. Da oramai diversi mesi si parlava di un rinnovo imminente da parte di Netflix, ma lo scoppio della pandemia ha rallentato tutto. Ora, però, con l’inizio delle riprese oramai fissato, è arrivato il momento il momento dell’annuncio ufficiale: La Casa di Carta 5 arriverà il prossimo anno sulla piattaforma di video streaming.

Le novità, però, non finiscono qui. In fact, in another tweet the Italian Netflix account announced the arrival for the next season of two new actors: Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado. It is not yet known what role they will play, but they will certainly be central in the evolution of the story, which as we recall will start from the robbery of the Bank of Spain and the project "Paris", the one that will have to get out the members of the gang safe and sound.

La Casa di Carta 5, arrives the official renewal

All that was missing was the official announcement by Netflix for what to all intents and purposes was news that was in the air for several weeks now: La Casa di Carta will return in 2021 with Part 5, which could be the last. Alex Pina, the creator and screenwriter of the TV series, had already pre-announced the news by posting a photo on Instagram while he was working on the script of the new season. And in previous weeks had also appeared online some videos showing the beginning of shooting. And the same actor who plays Berlin had also posted on Instagram an image announcing his return to the set.

La Casa di Carta Parte 5, anticipazioni nuovi episodi

Part 5 of La Casa di Carta will pick up where it left off last season, with the gang trying to escape from the Bank of Spain and with The Professor who has triggered the Paris Plan. But who will also have to keep at bay Alicia Sierra who has discovered his hideout and is ready to take back her life. In the cast of La Casa di Carta 5 there will also be two new actors: Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado. Their role is not yet known, but it will be crucial in the evolution of the story.

When La Casa di Carta Part 5 comes out

In the announcement given by Netflix on its Twitter profile, no date is mentioned. We do know, however, that filming has only started these days due to the pandemic and that it will go slower than usual to comply with all the requirements for social distancing. To see the episodes of The House of Paper 5 will have to wait until 2021.