Sky Rojo 2 sarà una stagione movimentata: quando arriva su Netflix

E’ uscito il trailer ufficiale della seconda stagione di Sky Rojo: i nuovi episodi saranno trasmessi da Netflix dal 23 luglio


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Sky Rojo è una serie tv spagnola prodotta da Vancouver Media. Ideata da Álex Pina, già autrice de La casa di carta, ed Esther Martínez Lobato, è in uscita il 23 luglio la seconda, e sembrerebbe ultima, frenetica serie. The action finely mixed with drama have been the elements most appreciated by critics who have compared Sky Rojo to the films of Quentin Tarantino.

Sky Rojo 2 continues the singular story of three prostitutes, Coral, Wendy and Gina, who escape from the club where they work in search of freedom. What they don't know is that they will be followed by Romeo, the owner of the Bridal Club in Tenerife and his henchmen Moises and Christian. The girls have important stories behind them. Coral, who has an addiction to tranquilizers, is a former biologist who sees her job as an escape from a murky past. Wendy, from Argentina, flees to Spain, thinking that a career as a prostitute will improve her life and that of her partner. Gina, an Afro-Cuban, has agreed to work at the club to support her son and sick mother.

Sky Rojo 2: the promise of the trailer

Sky Rojo's second season is coming, and the first official trailer has surfaced on Netflix. In the first few seconds of the trailer, you can hear, "They say that when you're about to die you see the images of your life pass in front of you, and what I thought was the ending was actually the beginning...".

Many are pointing to the series as the rightful heir to The House of Paper. Also in the second chapter, for 8 episodes there will be black humor, action and lots of adrenaline.  Romeo and his henchmen, including Moises played by Miguel Angel Silvestre of Sense8, will give no respite to the three girls, increasingly ready to become assassins to get their freedom back. Their friendship will be strengthened and they will live every moment to the fullest.

We left them with a perfect plan to eliminate Romeo and his henchmen: trap them in a pit and bury them with their cars. Something doesn't go as it should and the girls will find themselves between life and death.

Sky Rojo 2: Predators and Prey

  "Predators become prey," Netflix subtitles the trailer. In this fast-paced second season of Sky Rojo 2, the girls change their attitude by going on the counterattack: they will stop running away. They will start attacking. A mention to the soundtrack of Sky Rojo 2, as well as the first chapter, of the series, is really an explosion of rock and pop.

In Sky Rojo 2 we are sure there will be plenty of revenge, spirit of sisterhood and adrenaline at the top of our lungs: so tension rises towards July 23 for the release on Netflix.